VT to VZ


Front Rotors:
(VT-VZ) - 343mm x 32mm
Rear Rotors:
(VT-VZ) - 343mm x 28mm

Front & Rear Calipers:
4 piston 2 piece light weight aluminium calipers, Finished in distinctive Harrop Red.

Friction pads, bolts, washers and mounting hardware included.


The Monster kit provides improved performance through reduced unsprung weight using hard anodised aluminium front rotor hats. Like the performance kit the rotors are larger in diameter and significantly thicker in cross section compared to the OE rotor dimensions.
The latest production technology has been used on the 2 piece calipers to significantly reduce brake fade under most driving conditions. The front & rear brake load ratio has been engineered into the production of these rotors to maintain the standard brake balance of the vehicle, offering improved brake feel and driving confidence
The two piece caliper construction with hardened and ground stainless steel pistons minimise heat transfer from pads to fluid.


  • VT – VZ Holden including GTO
  • Min 17″ wheel size required

Supplied & Fitted $5,300- inc gst

Upgrade Option
Stainless Braided Brake Hose Kit $578- inc gst

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