Custom Tuning

Late Model Holden & HSV V8 Custom Tuning

Our Maf Retained & Mafless Tunes are favorites when it comes to Holden owners with power and better fuel economy in mind. When a Maf-less Tune is performed it requires the removal of the restrictive maf and some airbox ducting mods. The standard airbox can remain but this set up breathes fire when matched to GM Motorsports custom over the radiator filted cold induction setup. Expect awesome throttle response and tyre shredding performance all with perfect street manners.

• Volumetric efficiancy and power enrichement
• All relevant ignition tables
• CAT overtemp protection recalibration
• Maximum torque management resest
• Speed limiter if requested
• Fan on/off temperature thresholds
• MAF error code removal
• Fuel mixture
• Knock retard
• Idle speed
• Idle control
• Ignition advance
• AFM Removal if required

[Automatic vehicles only]

• Transmission shift points
• Transmission shift firmness
• Transmission torque reduction
• Transmission shift pressure
• Torque converter clutch
• Torque limiter setting

These tunes can be performed on all V8 models Holden & HSV from VT Series II (LS1) right through to the latest VE range.

  • Before and after printed dyno graph
  • All labour
  • Car required for 1 day
  • Order Code: Tune

  • From $990–
    All prices include gst

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