Clutch not living up to the performance of your Holden or HSV?
We have the clutch for you, available to suit LS1 to LS3 powered vehicles, these kits have undergone testing with major supercharger and turbocharger kit manufacturers, aswell as behind many GM Motorsport customer vehicles producing 300 to over 400 rear wheel kw delivering exceptional results.

Xtreme have released these new products to the market as a high-horsepower street clutch for stock to forced induction LS1 to LS3 powered vehicles seeking absolute factory driveability. Finally someone has hit the market with a VE Commodore clutch kit that really works. Xtreme Clutches are leaders in the Australian performance clutch market and it’s no wonder that they have produced the first clutch product that exceeds expectations in every department which suits high horsepower LS1 to LS3 powered vehicles.

Offering an industry leading clamp load rating, the new kit released under the Xtreme Clutch Brand has a steel backed, high performance organic drive plate and a ductile flywheel and pressure plate bolts that complement the kit. The high clamp load pressure plate is self-adjusting as per the factory unit, meaning it is the only real high performance clutch kit on the market that delivers factory pedal feel. This kit eliminates pedal return problems experienced with other kits on the market.

Xtreme also deliver on price. The modular kit is significantly cheaper than many ‘racing clutch’ alternatives that have driveability characteristics far removed from the new single plate kit from Xtreme.

RRP $0000- Package Price

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