Welcome to GM Motorsport Australia, we specialize in components and upgrades you need to optimize your vehicle’s performance and style.
High-quality GM Motorsport parts are ideal for transforming standard vehicles into amazing examples of what Holdens & HSV's s should be.
With GM Motorsports exhaust, drivetrain and suspension options, you can focus on upgrading any aspect of your car to improve it's performance and create a vehicle you enjoy driving.

What makes GM Motorsport in-house and aftermarket parts so superior to the alternatives?
In addition to being developed in-house by our team of engineers, our Holden & HSV tuning parts are manufactured and designed for easy installation.
Many of our GM Motorsport components are even warranty-friendly, so you don’t have to risk your investment just to enjoy added performance.

Best of all, our extensive racing history ensures that our products are backed by true motorsport DNA resulting in high-performance parts that exceed expectations. When you need upgrades that are proven to perform, there’s no better place to turn than GM Motorsport Australia.
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